The ‘Gabriele d’Annunzio’ University, established in 1965 as a ‘Libera Università’, became state-owned in 1982. Today, it has 13 Departments and 2 Schools.There are two university campuses: Chieti and Pescara. The Department of Pharmacy, the offices of the Rector and of General Directorate are settled in Chieti. CHIETI One of the oldest cities in Italy, Chieti hosts a large number of sanctuaries, archaeological sites and nature reserves of great tourist interest. Founded according to legend by Achilles, who named it Teate in honor of his mother, this city, formerly also called Teate Marrucinorum, probably in reference to the hill on which it was built, preserves all the beauty of Roman and medieval times.

Among the museums we suggest National Archaeological Museum, where you can admire some precious objects from the ancient Teate Marruccinorum, such as the famous "Warrior of Capistrano"; the Diocesan Museum, which houses numerous wooden statues of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; the "Costantino Barbella" Art Museum and the Historical Archive of the Archbishop's Curia, a rich deposit of parchments and illuminated manuscripts.


The main monument of the city is its Cathedral, dedicated to San Giustino, other tourist attractions are: the Porta Pescara, the original city walls;

The main areas of tourist attraction are Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, the main square of Chieti, and Corso Marrucino

PESCARA Located along the Adriatic coast, near the mouth of the Pescara river, from which it takes its name, despite its ancient origins Pescara is a modern city, almost completely rebuilt after the Second World War.

We recommend a walk through the Port, the beating heart of the city and a multicultural crossroads. For nature lovers, in the north of the city there is the Pineta di Santa Filomena Nature Reserve and other green areas such as Villa Sabucchi; Florida Park; Villa De Riseis; Park of Villa Basile; River Park and Park


To deepen your knowledge about the history and culture of this land, we recommend a visit to the Fish Museum and the Museum of the People of Abruzzo, one home to fossils and the other to objects related to the daily life of the past. Other museums of great interest are: the Museum of the birthplace of Gabriele d'Annunzio; the Civic Museum "Basilio Cascella",


the Cathedral of San Cetteo, built in the 30s of the '900 on a project by the architect Cesare Bazzani, The Basilica of Santa Maria dei Sette Dolori

The main street of Pescara is Corso Umberto I which ends on Piazza Rinascita, better known as Piazza Salotto.

Among the buildings of greatest tourist interest is the birthplace of Gabriele D'Annunzio, where the great poet was born in 1863.

Hotel List Chieti-Dragonara-Pescara Chieti Scalo:
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Albergo degli Amici
Campus X Chieti

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Best Western Hotel Parco Paglia
Hotel Iacone
Residence Dannunziano
Nuovo Albergo

Chieti Town (Public transportation bus line 1)
Grande Albergo Abruzzo

Walking distance from Dragonara (sanbuceto) meeting point hotel dragonara.
Hotel Dragonara
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Hotel Plaza
Hotel Salus
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Albergo Lido (2 stelle)

Riviera sud (own car or public transportation)
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